The Big Picture - Cotton Mather (US)

Label:Laughing Outlaw / Rainbow Quartz Records
Highlights:Marathon Man
40 Watt Solution
Baby Freeze Queen
Monterrey Honey
Story Of Anna

The Big Picture is the third album from Texan band, Cotton Mather, who received great acclaim for their last album, Kontiki. At first listen, Cotton Mather come across as a pop band who are too clever for their own good (the inner band photo doesnít help such perceptions) However, it doesnít take long for the hooks to fall into place and for the listener to realise what all the fuss might be about; that is intelligent pop songs with a strong understanding of melody. And while The Big Picture does feature a lot of studio experimentation and subsequently a highly textured sound, nothing comes across as pretentiously overindulgent, which one can attribute to the strong songwriting of lead singer Robert Harrison. Itís easy to see where all the Beatles 66-67 comparisons come from. Big Picture is a complete album from beginning to end that rewards the patient listener with its treasures.

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